Luftrum 1 ReFill

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Luftrum 1 - ReFill for Reason 4.0.
66 Ambient Patches for Thor

22 Ambient Pads
10 Deepspace Signature Patches
10 Textured Soundscapes
6 Sleeping Drones
6 Lead Synths
5 Sounds of Nature
4 Famous Ambient Classics
3 Sequenced Atmospheres

This ReFill is a must-have for ambient producers. Minimalistic and beatless soundscapes, ambient pads and subtle atmospheres - enhanced with 10 signature patches by Deepspace.

Deepspace has been described as "...a cross between Steve Roach and Stars of the Lid, with a dash of Budd and Eno". Calmscape announced the previous Deepspace release as one of the best ambient albums in 2007.

Luftrum 1 sounds like: Brian Eno, Biosphere, Vangelis, Boards of Canada, Ishq, Stars of the Lid, Jon Hopkins, The Orb, Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana and Deepspace.

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